Lafayette MotorSports Suspension Simulator

Note: The default design is a BAD one. It is intended to show all of the undesirable characteristics of a poor design.

Simulation Control

Wheel $ \Delta z $:
Handwheel Angle (deg):
Chassis $ \phi $:

Plotting Options


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 Parameter Name  Value(s)
Chassis Origin x: y: z:
 LAR (chassis frame) x: y: z:
 LAF (chassis frame) x: y: z:
LA-LBJ (LA frame) x: y: z:
UAR (chassis frame) x: y: z:
UAF (chassis frame)  x: y: z:
UA-UBJ (UA frame)  x: y: z:
UR-LBJ (Upright frame) x: y: z:
UR-UBJ (Upright frame)  x: y: z:
UR-TR (Upright frame) x: y: z:
C-TR (Chassis frame)  x: y: z:
WC (upright frame)  x: y: z:
Tie Rod Length
Upright Camber Offset (rad)
Steering Ratio (rack/HW)